My name is Barnabaus Luzze. I started working with Brenda and Jason Sommer five years back and have to worked with them here in Uganda, in Rwanda and in Kenya building Aquaponic Fish Farms. This has given me the opportunity to learn how to learn about Aquaponic Farming, how to weld, and I have developed my skills in welding over the years, which has given me an opportunity to start my own welding workshop and others businesses. I now have been able to support my family, provide jobs to others and teach young people from what I have learned through these opportunities

My wife Rosette and I look forward to continuing to work with the Development Sustainability Vocational Center. We will be able to continue to help our community school and share our skills as teachers and mentors- encouraging young people to work towards their potential. We are a testimony to how working with your hands is good and is a missing link to what our country needs now. Through helping young people, many lives are going to be saved so I would like to ask everyone to stand with us, as we lead towards a God fearing and sustainable generation. For God and for my country.