We have seen the deficit that exists within impoverished countries around the world. A deficit of hope and options. There is both desperation and apathy, living deep within communities- which has developed through decades of option-less living. After working around the world since 2008, we began to develop sustainability projects in 2012 that would empower people through new opportunities to advocate for themselves and to have more choice in how they build their futures.

During our travels, we saw clearly the need for young people to have a place of transition and career building, between children’s homes, traditional schools and adult world responsibilities. We decided to step into that deficit and to impact communities, by empowering young people and by decreasing the need for options- through vocational training- jobs that make sense. These steps create opportunity and increase tangible hope. We see this transitional training as a new road for the coming generations of young people, through practical and economically in demand opportunities. As they help to pave this road, themselves, we willingly step into their lives, to teach them how and to assure them that- they can do it.

Through our own struggles, life-experience and career paths- we have been given practical, hands-on skills in a variety of vocational fields. Life has taught us a straightforward and honest approach to hard work. We have learned to accomplish goals with our hands. And to persevere even when things are difficult. We believe that integrity is the cornerstone to vocational and emotional success.

We see sharing our skills and this basic approach to life, as a gift that we were given, to share with others. Sharing what we have learned, through some beautiful and some difficult seasons… is how we relate and relay the possibilities to the people that we serve. We don’t have a perfect formula. Nor do we expect 100% success. But we know that availing opportunities to others, is the first step towards empowering young people to decide that they can, if they try.

Each step we take, is a new stepping stone for others. We have committed ourselves to this life and this purpose. Uganda is now our home. We have moved from Oregon to give our full time attention, to providing sustainability options, training and new opportunities for others. Please partner with us, and help us to live here- while we work towards success, in a place with so much need and so much hope!

Thank you for partnering with us. We appreciate each of you. Together, we make all this happen.

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