We are constructing a 6000 sq.ft Vocational Apprenticeship Center for crafting skills and we are expanding the Sewing Center to include a bakery. These facilities will provide training for jobs and business start ups that are locally in demand, and that make sense to the East African economy. The facility is adjacent to Bethany Village, in partnership with ARM (Africa Renewal Ministries), Hear The Cry and other partners. The center will include a large, open workshop, 2 smaller workshops, 2 classrooms, a 2000 sq.ft. sewing center and bakery and a small office for our staff and administrative needs.

Our goal is to complete construction by June of 2019 and to start training young people and single mothers in vocational trades at the facility, by July of 2019. What that means…

Creating infrastructure: We are starting from the ground up. There is very little existing infrastructure or resources currently in place. We have chosen a rural community to build within, to grow the capabilities of the surrounding communities. These communities are where we see the greatest need, and the greatest potential. This requires bringing in water and electricity to the facility location. It’s a complex, but necessary process of installing a borehole and pump, water tanks for containment, installing solar where possible to keep operating costs to a minimum, installing power poles and running 3 phase electricity to the shop and housing.

Additional needs for this project’s success include:

  • Purchase a generator to ensure that training continues, despite unreliable local grid-power
  • Install water tanks to store water near the facilities and housing
  • Construction of the 6000 sq.ft. and a 2000 sq.ft. structure
  • Apprentice Sponsorships: We need individuals, to commit to sponsoring young people who want to learn a trade and are participating in our programs. These sponsorships are key to helping us pay for their general living expenses and basic operating costs, as we begin programs to serve these emerging entrepreneurs. We invite each of you to consider how you can relate to this process and get behind their success.