Support an Active Partner

Support the Staff – Jason & Brenda Sommer (Co-Founders)

We have seen the deficit that exists within impoverished countries around the world. A deficit of hope and options. There is both desperation and apathy, living deep within communities- which has developed through decades of option-less living. After working around the world since 2008, we began to develop sustainability projects in 2012 that would empower people through new opportunities to advocate for themselves and to have more choice in how they build their futures.

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Support the Staff –¬†Eric Stanfield

In 2016 a three-year old named Fazia changed my life forever.

I had been working in construction management for fifteen years. During a vacation, I volunteered to help install an aquaponic system for a school in a developing area of Belize. That was a life changing experience. That experience brought me to challenge my purpose in life. My job in construction management was no longer filling my soul.

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Support the Staff – Joel and Marissa Abels

Everyone’s story really starts at a place where the world we see and the purpose we feel, come together. That place where life has an impact on our soul. And we then let our soul begin to repurpose our life….

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Vocational Training Center

Supporting this project will allow us to provide a proper Skills Training Center, where we can continue to teach young adults skills that will take them into the jobs and small businesses that Uganda really needs. This Center will empower success, through tangible career opportunities. We are currently constructing these facilities and we need your help to complete them and to make this opportunity, a reality in Uganda.

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Sponsor school fees or apprenticeship tuition

Giving to this project provides school fees to children, to assist their parent(s) in giving their kids a brighter future. These funds pay for tuition fees, school uniforms and the school supplies needed, for these local kids to succeed in Uganda.

Giving to this project also pays tuition for young adults to attend the Develop Sustainability Vocational Apprentice Program, at the center in Namuzikiza, Mukono, Uganda! Programs provide hands-on training in skills such as welding, carpentry, wood working, masonry, plumbing, electrical installation, sewing/tailoring, baking and hospitality.

Every dollar given, goes to support these purposes. Every gift you give, is a step forward for jobs that make sense, business training and new opportunities for a better future.

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