There are a plethora of needs for sponsorship. Sponsoring a young person or child provides new opportunities for growth, through education. Many families are simply unable to meet the financial obligations of school fees, in Uganda and greater East Africa. You can make a fantastic impact on a child and their family, by gifting them the ability to attend school. Here are a few ways to be a part of sponsoring hope:

  • Sponsor a child in Uganda, whose family cannot meet the standard cost of school fees.
  • Sponsor a young person to attend one of our Vocational Apprenticeship Programs. Programs are 1 year, 2 year and 1-2 weeks Specialized workshops training events.
  • Sponsor a single mother to find new options. Training sponsorship can also include housing available for her and her children, while attending one of our programs. This opportunity creates hope, by providing practical and new ways to support their families.